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Ant rubeziaus 2018

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Play "Velnio tuzinas" folk band

Play Heino Tartes (Estonia)

XXI Lithuanian, Latvian & Estonian Village Folk Musicians and Chapels Festival ANT RUBEZIAUS
Date: 31 May, 1-2 June 2018
Location: Pedestrian Boulevard (Vilniaus Street),  Siauliai, Lithuania. The main stage of the Festival will be located near the Art Gallery. Special seats in front of the stage will be available for the senior audience (approximately 500 seats). The small festival scene will stand at the Điauliai Tourism and Information Center (200 seats). A more detailed festival program is being prepared...
About festival
Festival “Ant Rubeziaus” (“Rubezius” – vernacularism; this word has the meaning of border, which separates two dialect regions: Upper Lithuania and Lower Lithuania.)
It is a traditional and continuous folk music festival directed to many groups of the society: starting with families, young people and ending with the senior audience. Original ensembles and stylised chapels as well as solo village musicians from all regions in Lithuania (Aukstaitija, Samogitia, Suvalkija and Dzukija) are invited to the Festival. Their concerts are scheduled on the main stage of the Festival as well as improvised locations on the Pedestrian Boulevard (Vilniaus Street). 
A fair hosting Lithuanian and Latvian folk artists, craftsmen, conservators of the culinary heritage, and traders will be buzzing on the renovated Pedestrian Boulevard each day of the Festival from 10 o’clock in the morning till evening. It is planned that approximately 40 ensembles and stylised chapels, solo village musicians from Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia will participate in the Festival.